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[UPDATE] Change log

Keep track of the latest changes and improvements

Version 1.0.2

  • Fixed: Snapping T/O and landing waypoints to airfields and not to carriers & FARPs
  • Fixed: Wind direction imported from (exported to) DCS reversed by 180 degrees
  • Fixed: MP client slots selectable but not being able to get to the Briefing screen
  • Fixed: Various .miz export bugs
  • Fixed: Kneeboard 'Value cannot be null' bug
  • Fixed: 'Locked' property not being inherited during layer import from another .cf
  • Fixed: A/A TACAN and Frequency values bug
  • Fixed: Briefing formatting issues when exported to .miz
  • Fixed: Mission start date & time not passed through when saving and opening .cf
  • Fixed: Packages not being imported from .cf
  • Fixed: Check/uncheck all layers (and packages) buttons
  • Fixed: Kneeboard preview button now works without closing the kneeboard form
  • Fixed: Showing of bullseyes when importing missions according to show/hide setting
  • Added: Flappie's v0.2 raster map for the Caucasus theater
  • Added: Ctrl + mousewheel: cycling through waypoints
  • Added: Shift + mousewheel: cycling through routes
  • Added: AJS-37 Custom Cartridge: BX1-9 and R1-9 points
  • Added: Default map opacity is now 60%
  • Added: 'Reset spawn time' button
  • Added: Intraflight frequency and own flight's A/A TACAN added to mission data card
  • Added: Time-on-station (TOS) added to mission data card
  • Added: Waypoint Lat/Lon are now in Degrees-Minutes-Seconds in mission data card
  • Added: Polygon points can be snapped to ref points, airfields etc. now
  • Added: NS430 .dat file import

Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed: Waypointless flight .miz export and kneeboard bugs
  • Fixed: .miz export bug when Take-off and Landing waypoints not placed over airfield
  • Fixed: Numerical data fields bug when non-numerical values entered
  • Fixed: Viggen custom kneeboard section in the User's Manual
  • Fixed: NETGeographic.dll and its dependencies bug
  • Fixed: Zooming with mouse bug (Win7)
  • Fixed: Declination sign
  • Fixed: Signs for MSL and AGL altitudes unified (M for MSL, A for AGL)
  • Fixed: Autosave file extension
  • Fixed: Issues related to scaling other than 100% (drop-down items clicks not working)
  • Fixed: Custom kneeboard for DCS AJS-37 Viggen
  • Fixed: Kneeboard Int32 bug
  • Added: NS430 navaids.dat export
  • Added: Ability to import multiple AJS-37 ELINT files into one mission
  • Added: User-adjustable threshold for showing KCAS or Mach in mission data card

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